Roots and Beginnings

Before I go into my current studies, I thought I’d explain where this obsession has come from.

I am a nerd. Always have been, always will be. Not so much of a computer games, comic books, card games nerd (although I occasionally partake in the odd spot of gaming), but a history nerd. As long as I can remember, I have loved everything to do with it. The older the better, with Roman History having long been my favourite period, followed shortly by Early Medieval History (minus the Christianity).

Personally, I blame my father. My dad is possibly the smartest man I know, and he is certainly my hero. Coming from nothing (a military brat) he managed to gain entry into the local grammar school with his parents having to give him his uniform and school essentials as early Christmas and Birthday presents. Having enjoyed a great school career, enjoying both the intellectual and the sporting side of it, he went off to university to study law. And dropped out. But then he returned and gained his degree. His love of history (and of rugby, football and cricket) have been passed onto me. By the age of 10 he had taught me to recite the Kings and Queens of England from Edward the Confessor. He would sit and aid my revision for all my exams, and while his French and basic science is good, clearly an excellent history teacher was lost to the world when he chose to be a chartered accountant. He has always enjoyed taking us kids round any historical sights, both on holiday and in the UK. As you can see, this is clearly his fault.IMG_8404

What has been passed onto me clearly did not reach my brothers. While both are decent students, neither sees anything of interest in history, although will occasionally enjoy a historical movie or game (must be to do with the violence). My Middle brother wishes to be a farmer and is easily bored due to his energetic nature. He spent the family trip to Vindolanda fort on Hadrian’s Wall running round bringing me “Roman Sticks”, “Roman Leaves” or even “A Roman slug on a Roman stick”. He was 19 at the time. The youngest sees no point in anything that does not earn money. At least my mother humours my ramblings, and seems to listen intently to the discussions my father and I have.The newest member of my immediate family is my 17 year old niece who has come to live with us to go to college. She knows next to nothing on a lot of things, but is eager to learn, particularly history. More on her to come.

Safe to say that having found so many like-minded people, with whom I can waffled away about various aspects of history, or anything really, no matter how ridiculous (believe me, come 1AM in the library, all sense disappears). Swansea has been good to me, and I sincerely hope I can continue my studies here following my masters.